Our History...

House of Mercy Pro Life Inc., CA started in 2002 with late Father Richard Carey and Sister Leticia Marquez, DDM, as the founders. It took a year to coordinate the planning and to establish the corporation. It all became a reality when The House of Mercy opened its doors in the city of Rialto, CA.in the latter part of 2003.  A year later thanks to a lovely and merciful couple who lend us their large ranch like home in Ontario, CA we opened the second House of Mercy, December 2004.  At the same time, Father Carey and Sister Leticia  began the project for La Casa de La Misericordia in Tecate Mex. House of Mercy in Ontario, closed its doors two years later, when the owners passed to a better life.  In the year 2014 we moved from Ontario to National City, in the County of San Diego, CA. These homes function thank you to many long hours of hard work from volunteers


From its conception in 2003 until this day, we have witnessed the progress and the many fruits of labor that The House of Mercy, Pro Life Inc has produced. There is no way to stop the work to respect and protect life from birth to natural death. In our 12 years many great things have happened and more great things are happening.



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The Daughters of Divine Mercy (DDM) indefatigably manage both Houses by assisting in the maintenance of the houses and caring of the children and most importantly by protecting human and spiritual life. They live a holy life of prayer and fasting and doing works of mercy every day. The sisters take very seriously the call of Jesus to follow him unreservedly.  They rise at 5:00am and fast one to two days per week. They spend hours of prayer in reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Hear of Mary for the sins committed against human and divine Life.


We cannot exist nor make a difference for those who have no voice without all the people who continuoustly donate money, clothes, toys, food and toiletries. We must mention the countless volunteers who contribute their physical work and professional skills.


The House of Mercy strongly assists and supports La Casa de La Misericordia Pro-Vida inTecate, Mex. where the DDM care for orphaned, abandoned and battered children. This is where children are fed, bathed, transported to school and are taught  the word of the Lord.