The organization strongly endorses and assists La Casa de la Misericordia Pro Vida in Tecate, B. C. Mexico.  This  organization was established by the same founders of the House of Mercy Pro Life, Inc., Leticia Marquez and Late Father Richard Carey. It is fully approved by the Charity Laws of the Country of Mexico. Its services include caring for children. Children found alone on the streets, abandoned in hospitals, and children being subject of neglect and abuse.

La Casa de la Misericordia Pro Vida, Tecate MX

September 2017- Tennis Shoes & Backpacks donated by a family from Baldwin Park, CA

Tecate, 2008
Tecate 2008
Tecate 2008
Tecate 3rd trip 014
Tecate 3rd trip 010
Tecate 3rd trip 009
Tecate 3rd trip 007
Tecate 3rd trip 003
Tecate 3rd trip 001
Tecate 2nd trip 021
Tecate 2nd trip 020
Tecate 2nd trip 004
Tecate 2nd trip 002
Tecate, 2009

Through the years....

Tecate 2009
Tecate, 2010
Tecate 2010
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